Thursday, March 19, 2020

PHEAA Authorizes Financial Aide Relief For PA Students In Postsecondary Schools

On March 19, the PA Higher Education Assistance Agency Board of Directors took action to provide for the temporary modification of certain program requirements of PHEAA-administered Pennsylvania student aid programs to ensure that recipients won’t experience a disruption or reduction of funding due to operational changes made by schools in response to COVID-19.
The PHEAA Board of Directors authorized the Agency to temporarily modify, suspend, or relax certain program requirements for Pennsylvania schools and students enrolled in the 2020 Winter or Spring term for the following programs that currently assist approximately 210,000 students:
-- PA State Grant Program
-- Institutional Assistance Grant (IAG) Program
-- Matching Funds Programs
-- Higher Education of the Disadvantaged (Act 101) Program
-- Higher Education for Blind or Deaf Students Program
-- Pennsylvania Internship Program
-- Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program (RTSS)
-- PA Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP)
Visit the PA Higher Education Assistance Agency website for more information.
[Posted: March 19, 2020]

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