Wednesday, March 18, 2020

PA Supreme Court Orders Closure Of All Courts To The Public, Bars Evictions Until At Least April 3

On March 18, the PA Supreme Court ordered all courts in the state to be closed to the public beginning at the close of business on March 19 through at least April 3 and no new jurys are to report for duty during that time..
The order also suspended all time computations related to court cases or judicial businesses and the filing of any documents related to cases during this period.
The Court encouraged the use of “advanced communication technology” to conduct court proceedings, subject to constitutional limitations.
The Court also directed all President judges of courts of common pleas to adopt procedures to restrict potential exposure to COVID-19.
The order does provide some exemptions for essential functions like election matters, children’s fast-track matters, emergency filings, but the public is still barred from the proceedings.
“ is further DIRECTED that, during the period encompassed by this
Order or the judicial emergency, whichever is longer, no officer, official, or other person
employed by the Pennsylvania Judiciary at any level shall effectuate an eviction,
ejectment, or other displacement from a residence based upon the failure to make a
rent, loan, or other similar payment.”
[Posted: March 18, 2020]

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