Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday PA Capitol & Coronavirus NewsClips 7.10.20

returns to voting session July 13, 14 & 15 [Call Of President Pro Tempore]
House returns to voting session July 13 & 14 [Call Of The House Speaker]

Editorial: State Chooses Gerrymandering For Next Decade

Editorial: Now Is Time To Fix Mail-In Voting

Editorial: Faculty Initiative To Help College Students Vote Earns High Marks

Editorial: Lawmakers Must Now Deliver On Promise to Fund Erie Community College

PLS Reporter: Democratic Senators Ask Wolf, Republicans To Consider Legalizing Marijuana Amid Revenue Losses

Wallace McKelvey: Wolf Says He’ll Veto Republican Effort To End COVID-19 Emergency; Vows To Continue Reopening

AP: After Lobbying, Catholic Church Won $1.4 Billion In Virus Aid With Millions Going To Dioceses That Paid Huge Settlements Or Went Bankrupt Paying Clergy Child Sex Abuse Settlements

Big Ten Will Play Only Conference Games In All Sports This Fall

Pittsburgh Schools To Offer Online-Only Option In The Fall

Philly Schools Weigh Reopening With Hybrid Learning Model

Wallace McKelvey: School Districts Race Against Clock, COVID-19, Trump’s Tweets To Plan Reopening

Online Classes? Face Masks?  School Districts Grapple With How To Open Back Up

Paul Muschick: Local Officials Should Decide If It’s Safe To Reopen Schools, Not Trump

Lincoln U. Faculty, Alumni Rally To Support President After Her Contract Expired

Op-Ed: ICE’s Threat To Deport International Students Taking Online Classes Senseless Cruelty

PA Officials Warn Those Getting Unemployment Of New Scam

Pittsburgh Joins Philadelphia, Anti-Gun Groups In Support Of Firearm Regulations

Police In Allegheny County Apprehend Man With Weapons, Bomb Components In Car After He Made Threats Against State, Federal Buildings

Study Found Philly Courts Rife With Nepotism, Racial Tensions, Judges Waited A Year To Release It

Anti-Fireworks Petitions Draw Regional Interest In Northeast

Editorial: How State Fireworks Law Ruined The 4th Of July

City Of Harrisburg Officials Resigns After Naked Gardening Charges


Laura Olson: Cong. Wild Raised $875,000 Last Quarter For Re-election Bid

AP: Latino Group Launches $10 Million Campaign To Boost Voter Turnout In PA, Other States

Campaigning In PA, Biden, Pence Clash Over How To Fix America

Invoking Cops, Economy, Biden And Pence Compete For PA’s Swing Voters

Ed Mahon: Pence, Biden Campaign Visits Highlight PA’s Battleground Status

Newsweek: Biden Says Fracking Jobs Won’t Be ‘On The Chopping Block’ If He’s Elected

AP: Biden Pledges New Deal-Like Economic Agenda To Counter Trump

Cap-Star: Biden Sets Up Hard Contrasts With Trump On The Economy

Cap-Star: Pence Praises Police, Punches Bide In Philly Campaign Stop

VP Pence Speech At Philly Police Union Draws Hundreds Of Supporters, Dozens Of Protesters

Editorial: Trump Campaign Shows Biden How Press Access Is Done

George Floyd Protests

Spotlight PA: Everything You Need to Know About Police Reform Efforts By Legislature

Black Lives Matter Movement Prods Bethlehem, Other School Districts to Review How History Is Taught

Erie Police Officer Seen Kicking Seated Protester Won’t Face Charges

Allegheny County Council Fails To Move Less-Lethal Weapons Bill

Op-Ed: PA Legislators’ Attempt At ‘Police Reform’ Still Prioritizes Blue Lives Over Black Ones

Op-Ed: PA Politicians Need To Forget About Defunding The Police - Newt Gingrich


Dept. Of Health Reported 36 Additional Deaths From COVID-19 In PA; 719 More Cases [PaCN] 7.9.20

Wallace McKelvey: Getting Testing For Virus In PA Becoming More Difficult Amid Wave Of New Infections

John Baer: Why PA’s COVID-19 Cases Shot Up When We Opened Up

Philly, Delaware County Officials Urge People To Report Bars, Restaurants Ignoring Social Distancing Rules

Allegheny County Will Allows Outdoor Dining To Resume, Not Indoor

50 Lives: These Pennsylvanians Lost Their Lives To COVID-19

Gov. Wolf Announces Protections From Foreclosures And Evictions Thru Aug. 31

Spotlight PA: PA Issues New Eviction Moratorium After Fears Rent Relief Would Be Too Slow

Dept. Of Health Encourages Summer Pool Safety, Practices Social Distancing, Wear Masks

Gov. Wolf: Update FAQs For Summer Recreation, Camps, Pools Released Adding Masks, Making Other Changes

DCNR Reminds Pennsylvanians To Wear Masks While Enjoying The Outdoors

Masks Will Be Required Inside All PA Schools

Don’t Want To Mask Up?  Try A Face Shield

State Police Adds Liquor Control Enforcement Stats To COVID-19 Portal

Dept. Of Health Announces Additional Partnership To Assist With COVID-19 Response in Nursing Homes

UPMC Doctors Say Latest COVID-19 Cases Less Severe In Western PA

UPMC Officials: Virus With Us For Foreseeable Future

COVID-19 Canvass Will Target One Zip Code In Erie

Gov. Wolf Announces $10 Million Available To Support PA’s Food System


CNN: Chinese Officials Warn Of ‘Unknown Pneumonia’ In Kazakhstan Deadlier Than COVID-19

AP: World Health Organization: Indoor Airborne Spread Of Virus Possible

Bloomberg: Patients Swamp Sun Belt Hospitals With COVID-19 On A Rampage

The Guardian: Dr. Fauci Says States With Surging COVID-19 Cases Should Pause Reopening Efforts

AP: CDC: No Rewriting Of Guidelines For Reopening Schools

AP: U.S. Economy May Be Stalling Out As Viral Outbreak Worsens

The Guardian: Another 1.3 Million Americans File For Unemployment As State Back Away From Reopening Plans

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